Most of the data I input from appendices in:

Author:  Chesnais, Jean Claude. 
Uniform Title:  Transition démographique. English 
Title:  The demographic transition : stages, patterns, and economic implications : a longitudinal study of sixty-seven countries covering the period 1720-1984 / Jean-Claude Chesnais ; translated by Elizabeth and Philip Kreager. 
Publisher:  Clarendon Press, 
Date:  1992. 

. . . except for Mauritius, for which I used:

Author:  Chandrasekhar, S. (Sripati), 1918- 
Title:  The population of Mauritius : fact, problem and policy / S. Chandrasekhar. 
Publisher:  Population Review Books, 
Date:  c1990. 

. . .

Author:  Titmuss, Richard Morris, 1907-1973. 
Title:  Social policies and population growth in Mauritius: report to the Governor of Mauritius by Richard M. Titmuss and Brian Abel-Smith, assisted by Tony Lynes. 
Edition:  1st ed., new impression. 
Publisher:  Cass, 
Date:  1968. 
Description:  xviii, 308 p. 23 cm.

I also patched US Census Bureau data onto the end of Mauritius data.

In addition, the following is useful:

Population Reference Bureau
The story of Mauritius: from the Dodo to the Stork
Population Bulletin v.XVIII no.5 (August 1962)

For survivorship I used:

A.D Lopez, J. Salomon, O. Ahmad, C.J.L. Murray, D. Mafat, 2000 "Life tables for 191 countries: Data, methods and results."  GPE Discussion Paper No. 9
This was available at, pdf/paper09.pdf

. . . although the data for 17th.C. England come from: Cowgill U.M., 1970, "The people of York, 1538-1812", Scientific American v.223, pp.104-110.

The data for disease mortality came from research by Roman Bystrianyk and available from: